Joseph Higgins

Aspiring Game Developer

About Me

I'm a 20-Year-old student in my third year of Computer Games Development at the University Of Northampton. I have been very focused in the computer field for most of my life and I aim to continue working there, I have a deep passion for technology in all fields. I am currently working with 2 other students from the University of Northampton on a video game which we aim to complete and publish by the end of the year, you may find info here.

I mainly work on projects in the video game field, however, I do enjoy creating Software for companies to help improve their workflow and increase their effectiveness in their fields. As an example in my A-Level Computer Science studies, as my coursework, I developed a database focused system which handled all the finances and bookings at a nursery as their current system was purely paper-based, had no backups and took an employee weeks of work to complete. With the system that I had developed for them, they could spend less time on paperwork and more time with the children, saving the business money and improving their satisfaction ratings.

The area that gets me the most excited is Neural networks and Genetic Programming. So much so that I have dedicated my dissertation to these topics and will be comparing Neural Networked AI versus traditional AI in a video game enviroment.